As a designer, my greatest strength is probably my ability to forge relationships with clients. It’s important to me that I understand their needs so I can create solutions that not only look good, but actually fix the problem. Knowing my clients well means we can have frank conversations and it makes me more invested in their actual business. I know, I know: designers love to say they’re “mind readers.” I substitute actual human relationships for mind reading. It works really well. 

I’ve been designing professionally for ten years, but I’ve been designing in some capacity since I was a kid. I’ve worked in family-owned restaurants since I was 16 so I’ve seen firsthand how design and marketing can affect the success of a restaurant. Although I design for a variety of industries, restaurant branding — and particularly extrapolating existing brands into digital/print marketing materials — is something I’m really, really good at. 

When I’m not thinking about how I can solve complex problems with design, I can be found quilting, baking ridiculous desserts or sleeping, my favorite form of self-care.