Paloma Schultz

Creative Director


On our first visit to Austin, TX we noticed one of the city’s must-see tourist activities was listed as “nightly bats.” Every evening bats fly out from under Congress Bridge and it’s pretty spectacular.

“Nightly bats” later became our shorthand way to refer to that period of time right before you go to bed, when even though you’re exhausted, you get a burst of creative energy that makes you a little wild. We named the business for that simple term that refers to something exceptional.

Hi! We’re Paloma and Michael and we’re glad you stopped by Nightly Bats.

(We’ll get to that name in a second.)

In the simplest terms, Paloma designs and Michael animates. We genuinely enjoy collaborating with our clients to solve design-driven problems. We know that takes more than adding a little “flair” so we apply strategy and purpose — along with a right-sized touch of weirdness — to translate key brand messages into compelling visual stories. Between the two of us, we’ve had opportunities to design and animate for restaurants and small businesses throughout the Southeast. We live, work, and always represent for ATL.

Michael Straub

Motion Designer



Need a new look? Let’s create something from scratch together.

  • Brand Strategy & Messaging
  • Brand Development
  • Visual Language


Have existing brand that needs expanding? Let us create some new graphics for you.

  • Bespoke Graphics
  • Canva Templates


Do you want graphics with movement? We can do that too!

  • Logo Animations
  • Explainer Videos
  • Short-form Social Media

*What is “production” graphic design? Well, it’s when we take the existing elements of your brand and produce new designs that match. Not every idea is a big idea, but every element of your visual brand is important and should be thoughtfully created.